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Real time temperature record: walk-in coolroom

To prove that the temperature is maintained, the graph shows the actual line graphs from a Crowne Plaza Hotel trial displaying the temperature recordings downloaded from a Log-tag temperature data logging instrument.

You will notice that there is a clear difference in the way the temperature behaves “after” the Endocube device is installed, this is because the compressor starts less times but stays on longer.

Please note, that once the Endocube has been installed the median temperature in the walk-in-cold room drops lower (runs colder) so we are able to increase the set point on the refrigeration thermostat or electronic temperature controller (make warmer) by 2ºC thus saving even more energy.

source: Crown Plaza trials courtesy of Greenergy Consulting

Refrigerated transport diesel fuel consumption trials

EndoCube is not only effective in reducing energy costs for commercial and industrial refrigeration, but also effective in reducing diesel consumption in refrigerated transport. The graphs below clearly show the effect on compressor efficiency after installing the EndoCube to a Carrier Vector Series 1850 installed to a 40ft refrigerated truck body. Further results of the same trial revealed annual cost savings of as much as AUD$2,631.00 and a 4,341Kg reduction in carbon emmissions. (source: EndoCube Fuel Reductions Evaluation courtesy of Australian Green Energy)