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The EndoCube provides the existing thermostat with product temperature instead of air temperature, a far more accurate measurement. This more accurate and stable temperature causes the compressor to run fewer, but much longer cycles. These longer cycles allow refrigerated food to cool for a longer period of time with a wider ‘cooled air’ effect, in essence this creates a far more efficient cooling system.

Because the compressor is cycling less (often up to 80% less), the life of the compressor is extended. Since it is also operating more efficiently, less energy is used. Multiple case studies have demonstrated that refrigeration systems use between 14% to 22% less energy with the EndoCube fitted, while maintaining a correct refrigerated temperature.

  • EndoCube reduces refrigeration energy costs by mimicking food temperature causing modified compressor behaviour.
  • EndoCube reduces maintenance and repair costs, and spoilage due to failure, by reducing wear and tear.
  • EndoCube maintains a more constant food temperature which provides your customers with fresher produce.
  • EndoCube addresses a fundamental, and important flaw in refrigeration technology to produce energy savings.


"We would recommend that other companies look at this unique technology as a way to reduce costs in commercial refrigeration."

"Since the installation, we have been able to reduce the energy consumption in our commercial refrigeration and have had no issues, problems with the functioning of our refrigeration units.
James Alden | Pizza Pizza, Canada
"The Endocube unit is designed to instruct the back-room refrigeration compressors on how hard to work based on the temperature of food in the case, rather than air temperature. Because food temperature is more stable than air temperature – as well as a better indicator of how much cooling is required – the compressor runs fewer and longer cycles."
Michael Garry | Supermarket News
"A number of trials were conducted and references obtained from different regions which all show a good return on investment.

Hence all operating hotels are recommended & encouraged to embark on retrofitting their refrigeration equipments with "ENDOCUBE". All new hotels shall be equipped during the project stage itself."
S. Nanthakumar | Accor Hotels
"I would have no hesitation in recommending this product to any hotel as a cost effective way to reduce electrical consumption and also prolong the working life of their equipment."

"Year on year savings on electrical consumption have been 18%."
Simon Pearson | Radisson SAS, London

Did You Know?

How Does it Work?

The Endocube dramatically changes the way a refrigerator operates because it measures the product temperature instead of the air temperature around the product. As circulating air temperature tends to rise far more quickly than food temperature, refrigerator units tend to work much harder than necessary to maintain stored products at the right temperature.

Easy to Install

The Endocube is installed to cover the control probe(s) of a refrigeration unit, in order to prevent temperature fluctuations. Once installed, the fridge runs only as the product temperature requires it, saving electricity and compressor wear and tear. Installation is as simple as screwing the Endocube onto the sensor.

NSF Certification

The EndoCube is a temperature-mimicking sensor (TMS1) tested under protocol P235 by NSF International, the US Standards authority. The EndoCube is designed to accurately reflect the temperature of food under refrigerated conditions and warm more quickly than most food products upon equipment failure.


Is EndoCube Food Safe?
Endocube was actually invented as a food safety device, and it was only accidentally discovered that it saves energy as well. Endocube is NSF approved as a food safety device and there is an NSF logo on every Endocube sold, so customers can feel comfortable that their product is at least as safe (or even safer) than it was before. In NSF studies, the Endocube actually achieved a more consistent product temperature over time (i.e., less fluctuations).
How does Endocube affect the temperature?
Endocube usually lowers the air (“case”) temperature due to more efficient cooling and, to compensate for this new lower temperature, the thermostat setting is adjusted upward. In other words, Endocube achieves the same air temperature with a higher set point, thus saving energy.
Will installing Endocube void my warranty?
No. Manufacturers warranty is for defects in materials or workmanship, neither of which are affected by Endocube. Endocube has no mechanical or electrical parts and is therefore “non-invasive” to the refrigeration system. There is functionally no difference between installing an Endocube and changing the usage pattern of the cooler or freezer.
What’s inside Endocube?
Endocube contains a patented, high molecular weight, aliphatic hydrocarbon compound. The substance is inert, non-toxic, and approved by the NSF for usage with any refrigerator or freezer.