FACT: EndoCube Saves Energy

EndoCube is an innovative device designed to quickly and efficiently cut the energy consumption of large commercial or industrial refrigeration systems.

About EndoCube

Convert Costs into Profits

By using cost savings provided by the EndoCube, directed to purchasing the EndoCube itself, your business can convert electricity costs into profits at absolutely zero net cost.

Zero Cost Solution

Revolutionary Concept

EndoCube prevents refrigeration systems from reacting to changes in air temperature and instead focus on changes in the temperature of the stored goods.


Certified Food Safe

EndoCube has been independently tested and certified food safe by NSF International (USA), HACCP (Australia) and FRPERC (UK).


Made in the UK

Designed and manufactured in Great Britain, the Research and development facility near Doorset is opened officially in 2009 by Her Majesty, The Queen & Prince Philip.

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Energy savings equate to greater profits and commence from the day of installing an EndoCube. Why delay? Act now!
Every day without an EndoCube installed is a day you give your profits away to your electricity supplier.
EndoCube has been received with acclaim by some of the largest food and beverage companies in the world.

Revolutionary ideas improving food safety and generating energy savings

The EndoCube solves what is possibly the largest and longest running flaw in refrigeration technology

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EndoCube PLUS+


EndoCube PLUS+ monitors temperatures, stores historical temperature data and generates alerts via SMS and/or email when temperature anomoloies are detected. Take your food safety systems to the next level with EndoCube PLUS+


It's not ONLY Energy savings

The EndoCube was primarily developed as a food safety device providing fresher, safer food, and in doing so, delivered significant energy savings in the process. The EndoCube will literally pay you to improve your refrigerated food quality.